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Hello, I live in Turkey, I am originally from Iraq and I work escorts in Istanbul . The houses I usually rent are in Şişli and its surroundings. My name is Farhan. I am 42 years old. Today I will tell you about the escort girls in Bomonti. Foreign escorts in Istanbul generally prefer these places, and I especially prefer this place. Because when they don’t pay their rent, they pay me different money for being an escort. It doesn’t matter to them if someone has more or less sex. Because I like to have sex, I leave them alone with minor problems in the houses I rent, so I can visit them anytime. I also watch their sexy bodies, sometimes I repair their combi boilers, sometimes their washing machines, and in return, bomonti escorts have sex with me every time. From time to time I bring a client to them and I pick up one of them. It happens when I make some money. They all know what a perverted man I am and they let me fuck them so I don’t throw them out of the house. One day, I was at the house of the exquisite sex monuments and they ordered food from outside, it turned out that they were having sex with the courier who brought the food in exchange for not paying the fee. After the friend who brought the food left the food, he waited inside the house and looked at us without saying anything. I wanted to pay for the food he brought so he could leave as soon as possible. When I gave him money he said no, I only take money from girls. When I looked at the girls, they were not talking about anything, I realized that they were hiding something from me. Apparently, the friend was waiting for me to leave, frankly, we were both waiting for each other to leave, but none of us went. The boy looked like a brazen, shameless person. Then he stepped in and asked him why he hadn’t left yet, and he quietly said in my ear, just between us, I’m fucking them.He literally shocked me, and in response I said to him: “Well, we don’t need to wait for each other to leave, there are enough prostitutes here, let’s share.” At that time, the girls were cooking coffee for us in the kitchen. We both pulled down our trousers and said to the girls, “Come, we have prepared a surprise for you, would you like to take a look?” we said.

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Enjoy iraqi escorts in istanbul
Iraqi escorts in istanbul

Even though they were prostitutes when they arrived. I could see from their faces that they were shy, but there was nothing they could do about it because we gave them no choice, they were always spending their money on useless things or it wasn’t enough for them. So they make these payments by having sex with someone as part of their job, we need to understand that too, right?Back to our topic, I gave him the skinny girls, took the plump ones and we switched them between us and started making love. This time the escorts started to object and several more times asked the courier for free food, told me not to charge a month’s rent. We will abandon this relationship when we both disagree. They released our dick into the air, and we had to accept their offer because we enjoyed it so much, but of course the job would not be over. As we continued fucking, we started fucking them hard. Their voices echoed throughout the house. We were fucking them like we were taking revenge. Even though they didn’t like it very much, we continued doing it. We extended the period by using delaying medication, so we could minimize our loss.Tired of sex, the escorts did not work that day and had to serve us until the courier’s boss called the courier because he was too late and was not answering the phone. The opportunity was now mine. I would be alone with the girls and they would make me feel like a king. It was just me and them. After the damn food orderer left, those doll-like escorts and various pussies were mine now. They are just mine. I called that bastard’s boss and got him fired. Now he can’t give the girls anything, let alone food. Nobody can share anything with me. I devoted years to this job. It is not easy to be a real estate agent in one of the most popular places in Istanbul.

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