Beyazıt Escort Naila

Beyazıt Escort Naila Changes Job and Wants Fuck.

Hello, I am Naila, I work in a fabric store in Beyazıt Escort. I don’t know much about sewing and embroidery, but my uncle taught me a lot about it and I loved getting fucked between fabrics all the time. I would constantly visit the textile stores in this area and have myself fucked at least 3 times a day. I would do anal to some of them, and some of them would fuck my pussy. My days would be like this. My name was always on the agenda in the market I was in. Everyone always called me Naila, the ornamental whore. They wanted to fuck me as much as they talked about me, I was one of those guys who was always the pervert. The curtain maker would fuck me in the ass, the Button maker would only make me have oral sex, and the leather maker would hit my ass with his leather whip and tear my pussy into pieces. I had different memories with each of them. The last time I fucked the owner of the market, he was the owner of the market. His master was a man in his 70s who stood up occasionally, and almost all of the owners of the textile shop there were his tenants. The man was an extremely rich man and I was tired of constantly making love with textile workers like a prostitute. After I married that man and died, I wanted to have his entire inheritance. And then I would selectively have sex with the shop owner I wanted. I married a 70-year-old market owner and started working as a Beyazıt escorts because I had my eye on the man’s money. If you covet a man’s money, you are no different than an escort. One day my ex-husband wanted to have sex and he did it by making me lick his dick for 3 hours. I couldn’t feel my tongue anymore, it made me uncomfortable to have a soft tool in my mouth. Finally I did what I wanted and pulled out his dick.

Give Mad Escort Naila his place.

Escort naila
<strong>escort naila<strong>

He started to feel bad because of the Viagra pill he used during sex. I thought he would die because of me. I rested for a while and waited for him. This time, when he came to, he turned into a completely different person and started fucking me brutally.Fortunately, although my husband is old, I do not say that he gives me the pleasure I want. It looks like an ancient panther. Even though making love with him makes me sick sometimes, the pleasure of the age difference between us is something else. The white hairs on his dick match his sperm so well. By the way, when I think about it, I see that I really am an extremely vile whore. .just like the escorts in Beyazıt. I really crave sex all the time and I miss wandering around the market and making love. After my ex-husband died, the stage was mine and I had to get on stage, and that’s what I did. Everyone in the market was like my slave and I invited them to my office in the market. I had a room built in my office. And I filled the place with sex devices. I was having sex with every shopkeeper who came to pay my rent and getting paid for his sperm. This time I became a female prostitute, not a market prostitute. I loved being a prostitute, what could I do, it was my choice, I was living a different escort style and reflecting it. I would rather be a market escort than an Istanbul escort. Luckily I have to end my story here because right now there is a tea shop in the market waiting to fuck me at the door. This time I want to try a different industry. I think you think the same as me. I don’t want to keep him waiting too long, maybe I can have a story for him. If it’s cold I’ll cut it into pieces. If he brings warmth, I will first warm his cock, just as he warms me, and then help him get rid of his sperm. I’m actually wondering what it will be like for me right now. For now, take care of yourself. Who knows how my adventure, which started as a Sunday market bitch, will continue from now on. Now I am adding more money to my bank account. Maybe I’ll set up a hotel, knock on the doors of the lonely men there, and fuck them all one by one. It can be nice to make love with someone of any nationality. It’s not possible to stay in Beyazıt all the time, right? I want to feel like an escort from other places. Good bye for now. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and wait for my next story. She lifted the tea seller’s dick. He is waiting. I must continue my work without keeping him waiting any longer. Greetings from the queen of tradesmen, we will definitely see you again.

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