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Hi im Escort Nadya I would like to start by welcoming all story readers who love sex stories Escort in istanbul. I work as a courier in a patisserie in Sultan Ahmet. I would like to talk about our regular customer, 35-year-old Ms. Nadya of Arab origin. Recently, Ms. Nadya ordered a cake a few days before her birthday because it was her birthday. When I brought the cake to him on his birthday, there was no one to wish him happy birthday and I asked him why he was alone. She said that she was waiting for her boyfriend and that she would celebrate her birthday with him.


Escort Nadya is Ready to cheer you up

I told him that I would celebrate his birthday with him, and on the way back to my workplace, he wanted to buy me a glass of drink since he was a regular customer of ours.

It turned out that Nadya was engaged in the escort business as a Sultanahmet escort. When I went to the toilet, I saw many condoms and sex devices on the bed in his room, and he saw me seeing them. When I went to the living room to finish my glass she asked me if I had seen anything, I said yes ma’am, I said I don’t know, I knew her as a beautician. Ms. Nadya, who announced that she was a Sultanahmet escort, received a message from a lady on her phone and wrote: “Don’t expect your lover to celebrate his birthday with me today.” Based on her escort experience, Ms. Nadya did not care much about the situation and continued to tell me her escort story. And that day after work I took the cake and finished my work for the day. He asked me, “If you’re not busy, it’s my birthday and can you accompany me?” said. It was as intoxicating as alcohol. After drinking a few glasses, we both warmed up and took off our warm clothes.While we were chatting with music, he suddenly turned on erotic music and started making his escort talk and dance, and I was accompanying him. As we danced together, my lips touched hers and we made love for a few seconds. I immediately apologized and said I think it was because of alcohol, never mind, I’ll be yours today, he said immediately. He said he was coming and went to his room and about 5 minutes later, Nadya, an escort in Sultanahmet, was standing in front of me in her underwear and while erotic music was playing, she pushed me onto the sofa, undressed me and started talking. speaking. I’m talking. I’m talking. I’m talking. I’m talking. I’m talking. I’m talking. She took a video of us dancing on my lap and sent it to her ex-boyfriend. Nadya couldn’t get enough of sex while being an escort.

He wanted more because his relationships with clients were short-lived, so the sex devices in his room were also in her room. When the dance was over, she held my hands, took me to her room and started taking my dick in her mouth. At that time he was playing with my eggs and making me horny. It was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced with a mature lady in my life. It was a beautiful sexual intercourse. He took off the handcuffs of his sex tools and asked me to tie him up. “I want to get fucked by inserting the dildo into my ass,” she said.

On one hand, I was inserting the dildo into her ass, and on the other hand, I was inserting my dick into her pussy.


Escort Nadya
Escort Nadya

We both ejaculated many times until the morning and I took the next day off from work because Nadya just wanted to satisfy herself that day and when she found me she didn’t want to leave me. I also had a free escort from Sultanahmet escorts. I was having sex with him, so I stayed with him that day. In the following days, we became intimate sex friends. He always wanted cake from the patisserie and when I took the order he was having sex with me. Nadya, an Arab escort in Istanbul Sultan Ahmet, was truly a very different lady. Even though she was 35 years old, she was no less than an 18-year-old girl. I think this is due to his professionalism. In my opinion, she was the best escort and most attractive woman in Istanbul. It was very clean and we were having quality relationships. He wanted a different fantasy from me every time.Sometimes I would lick the cake I brought to her body and she would seduce me by putting various things on the tip of my dick. Even though I was younger than him, he loved me very much and took great care of me. Now we both have sex as each other’s sex buddy and Nadya calls me every time she comes to Turkey, she is professional and professional for me. A mature woman was indispensable. And for her, being with a younger man was very valuable because she was always with older men for money and could not satisfy herself.Arab escort Nadya, in my opinion, is the best among Istanbul escorts.


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