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I work as a private driver and translator in the tourism sector in Istanbul. Whenever Miss Maja came, I would meet her at the airport and take her to a restaurant for dinner. From there I would drop her off at the hotel and provide her with everything she needed, including sex. 40-year-old businesswoman Miss Maja sent clothes to Germany from Merter. He was an exporter and had a lot of money, he used to stay at the Hilton hotel in Istanbul After going to her room, she would fill the jacuzzi of the suite she bought and have her body massaged, and I would fuck her. Ms. Maja would bring various gifts every time she came and took great care of me. I was his gigolo and I was also with him wherever he went on holiday. He gave me a room in the hotels where he stayed. When he wanted to have sex, he would pick me up and occasionally call me to his room. Of course, our fantasies were not limited to having sex in the hotel. We had adventures when we stopped on the highway while walking him. It turns out that Miss Maja is not just a businesswoman. The reason she had so much money was because she worked as an escort in Germany. I told him this once, our car broke down on the way from Istanbul to Bursa and there was no hotel nearby. Fortunately, the car we used for the trip was as good as a hotel room. It was comfortable, had everything, beds and television. We were stuck in the car for a while and since it was a Sunday, we couldn’t find roadside assistance near us. It was already late at night and there was whiskey in the mini fridge in the car. Miss Maja asked if she could accompany me and we both started to drink a few glasses. After drinking whiskey, we started getting drunk and started talking to each other about our private lives. I asked Miss Maja, “How did you get so much money for a woman?” I asked.

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and she told me that it wasn’t easy and she achieved it by getting her pussy and ass fucked. When I asked what that meant, she said, “I’m an international escort.” I was even more confused and this time I asked what outcall escort meant.He laughed and said it was better to be an escort who just came to the hotel and had sex with the opposite sex in exchange for money. He did not go to their homes, he did not take his clients to his own home, he only preferred rich clients with elite money. Thus, by behaving not like ordinary escorts but like escorts chasing money, she attracted the attention of the extra rich and trapped them to buy cars, take their money and live a luxurious life. He was playing games with them. Miss Maja was a civilized, intelligent and university-educated woman. In this way, he preferred businessmen and businessmen liked this very much. Apparently the escort outside was just as I told you, Miss Maja was a whore, she wanted to fuck me from time to time because she always saw a dick and put it in it, of course I didn’t talk much before. Practice this every day. I eat healthy, I built muscle in the gym and my body was athletic and the suit I wore made me look like a gentleman, of course my dick helped a lot, it was thick and big. This was enough for Mistress Maja, a truly magnificent escort and a woman of taste with her dazzling looks. Having sex with an outside escort was an incredible thing for me because this woman was swamping me with money, giving me both her money and her pussy. It’s a good thing I’m not in Germany, otherwise this bitch would have taken my money too. Actually he wouldn’t because I’m not a businessman, I started talking real nonsense, we better get back on topic. Thanks to this 40-year-old horny panther, I became a money man and opened many businesses. I can’t leave her because even though she is 40 years old, she is a very experienced and very successful outcall escort. Who can say no to an elite pussy? This is crazy, I literally became like a gigolo, but the difference from the others was that I belonged to one woman. There was no place in Turkey where I didn’t fuck Ms. Maja, I added memories to her holidays. As part of my job as a translator, I took him to the most beautiful places to help him live a better life, and it gave me a lot in return. 40 year old women are truly gorgeous. With their careers in the past years, they fuck like a professional porn star when they turn 40.German mature women have very different and unique talents, they make you fall in love with them, these women do what a 20 year old girl cannot do, they put your dick down their throats, they lick your feet, their feet are also a great fetish, they lick you up to your ass, they move their eggs in their mouths, you cannot talk about these women, I don’t think I can leave it, they are setting fire to the place. They are so hot that their pussies burn like fire and hot peppers. German mature women are generally blonde and white-skinned. Their pussies stand out like white milk and it is impossible not to lick them just by seeing them. Their pussies are gorgeous and melt in your mouth. I can never forget your screams. Sometimes they were shouting in German, sometimes they were shouting “fuck me, love” in half-baked Turkish. During sex, when I was about to ejaculate, she shouted, “I’m squirting, my love,” pulled my hair, brought my face in front of her pussy, and ejaculated on my face. Let him do this, after all, he was giving me money, he was paying for my accommodation, he was paying for my accommodation. He dressed us in sexy outfits that crazy mature Merter had prepared specially for us. He really knew his stuff, he was a sex god

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