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  • Hello sex lovers, I’m Nouha, originally from Egyptian Escort but we live in Italy with my family. We sometimes come to Turkey due to our work . I am a married woman and I usually go on my business trips with my wife. I am 28 years old and my wife is 35 years old. When I was in Turkey, I would call my wife an escort from time to time and I liked watching her. One day I wanted to call an escort in Istanbul for my wife. We generally prefer this type of Arab escorts. Sometimes my husband fucks the escort I’m looking for and I watch. Sometimes I have sex with the escort girl, my husband watches, we like to masturbate while watching each other. Istanbul escorts are really good at this. Anyway, I called one of the Istanbul escort agencies and asked for a bisexual escort. This time, what we were going to do wasn’t just limited to watching each other, we talked about it in Italy, too. The escorts of the escort agency were coming to us. We asked her to put the sex tools in her bag. A little fat and dominant escort came. The name of the fat escort from Istanbul escorts was Nargis. Nargis started dancing with the whip in her hand, wearing her mistress’s clothes. My wife and I started watching it and caressing ourselves. After dancing for a while, Nargis smoked some cocaine with us. We were literally having a sex party with my wife. It was Nargis’ turn to fuck one of us and she had to make a choice. Since she was more prone to lesbianism, she chose me first and started licking me. .Nargis took my entire pussy in her mouth like a sex hungry whore and sucked it until she almost swallowed my pussy. My wife, who was watching us at the time, was playing with his dick and was enjoying it very much. Of course he was in heaven, and so were we.
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  • Escort Nouha
    Escort Nouha
  • After he licked me for a while, I had to get fucked because my pussy was wet and felt like fire. But the escort didn’t do that, to drive me even more crazy, this time she started licking my wife’s ass and at the same time she was licking her eggs and asked me to caress my pussy while watching them. he wanted. I was sitting on the couch with my legs open in both directions, watching them on the one hand, caressing my pussy and licking my breasts on the other. Nargis, a bisexual escort, was professional in this regard and was giving an extra performance so that we could share her in our sexual intercourse again. My wife and I liked it very much.Then my wife and I started asking to be fucked, this time the agency’s escort asked me to put my fingers into my husband’s ass. This slut really knew her stuff and was driving us crazy. Only moaning sounds could be heard in the room, and he was licking us and making us swear at the same time. The bisexual escort was pushing us hard. He licked us so much that we literally couldn’t stand still, and when we came to cum, he took his tongue out of our holes and threw the other one on the bed. He literally wanted us to beg him. Bisexual escort Nargis was hitting us with her whip, telling us to caress herself and laughing. My wife and I started moaning, saying please fuck us. The woman literally turned us upside down. Then she decided to fuck us and asked me to get behind her and lick her asshole. At the same time, he was going to insert the artificial device he wore around his waist into my wife’s ass. While I was licking Nargis’ ass, Nargis inserted the device into my wife’s ass. While my wife was moaning with ahh uhh sounds, I wanted to be fucked even more. This bitch gave me great pleasure for hours and wouldn’t let me cum. Finally it was my turn and this time he wanted my wife to sit on the couch and play with his dick and watch us. He didn’t want my wife to lick his ass because he was more into slutty lesbians. He said just sit on the couch and play with your dick. This whore She and my wife had given us both pleasure and we would want her again. After licking my ass a little, he started to insert the tool into my ass and caressed my pussy with his hands. Then he took my dick out of my ass and started inserting it into my pussy. I was really enjoying getting fucked in the ass, but eventually it was time for my pussy, which was burning like fire, and I screamed and told my wife to tell me. I was telling him to fuck me harder. Nargis started fucking me very hard. I was literally shaking in his lap and jumping here and there. It was time for me and my wife to cum together. We wanted to fuck that bitch that day, but the dominant fat escort did not allow it. Can you imagine, even though he took our money, he dominated us, we liked it too, of course he made us his slaves, slaves of pleasure. We were together, everything was great for him. When it was time for us to cum, I called my husband to come and he was fucking me with my legs on his shoulders and I started screaming that I was going to cum.She asked my husband to bring his face in front of my pussy. I cummed on my husband’s face and all three of us smelled of sex. Of course my husband’s cock needed relief too. Now it was his turn. This time she asked my husband to fuck me. My husband started fucking me with his face full of my pussy juice. Nargis asked my husband to cum on my face and while my husband was fucking me, Nargis was licking my husband’s ass. There is no part of our body that a woman hasn’t licked. My husband was writhing with pleasure and ejaculated on my face. My face was filled with sperm, almost enough to fill a glass.Later, after resting for a while with my wife, Nargis, who saw that the tool she wore around her waist was making her pussy wet, said, “Now it’s my turn” and asked my wife and me to lick her pussy at the same time. My husband and I started licking the bisexual escort. She was pulling both of our heads towards her and making us lick her pussy. Our faces were literally inside her pussy. While the other was licking her ass and the other was licking her pussy, the dominant escort lost all her control and almost melted under both of us. It was the time for the agency escort from the Istanbul escorts to ejaculate and she asked my husband and I to kneel and she ejaculated by quickly caressing her pussy on our faces.You think this sex story ends here, of course it’s not over yet, it was an unforgettable day yes but we didn’t fuck her, she just fucked us and filled my husband’s and my faces with her pleasure juices and sperm. The next day we called the Istanbul escort agency again and asked them to send the same bisexual escort. We had to take revenge, right? This orgy shouldn’t have ended here. I don’t want to deny this. To be honest, it impressed us a lot. The girls of the escort agency are truly worth experiencing. You feel them in your bones and they increase your desire for sex. They let you have sex until you are full and you will have an explosion while cumming. Anyway, let’s tell the rest of the story. I am writing this story with excitement right now because when I dream of those days, I want to live them again and I will definitely come to Istanbul. Istanbul escort agency sent the same bisexual escort to our home from our residences in Istanbul. It was our turn to take revenge. The bitch brought her sex tools with her, but this time I was going to wrap that tool around my waist. My husband took the shower with the bisexual escort and I took the sex device from the escort’s bag, put it on my waist and followed them into the shower with them. This time the escort agency’s daughter literally shocked my husband, calling him a “surprise”. Her hands were inside her pussy and I was fingering her ass. My husband and I took her under the water, held her between us and started caressing and sucking her all over. The bisexual escort was going crazy and neither of us could shake it off. We licked and fucked her all over the shower stall. My husband lifted his dick and put it in her mouth while I inserted the dildo into her ass. My wife and I covered all her holes and were licking her like we were licking ice cream. It was legendary. By the way, although Narcis’s body was fat, her smooth breasts were huge and clean. While licking, your appetite increased, increasing your desire to have sex to the highest level.

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